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The Problem

Robotic assets operate intermittently, which makes monitoring them very difficult. However, monitoring these assets is critical as downtime can cause significant production delays.

Robotic arm

Cost of Asset Failures

  • $905,000/hour downtime cost
  • 10 hours downtime, on average

Savings Potential

  • $9,050,000 per asset
  • $72,400,000 per plant (based on estimated asset count)
Asset Blind Spots

There are several inherent challenges related to monitoring robots.


Vibration frequencies associated with failures of this particular asset are often undetectable to the human ear and eye.

Time-based PMs and other checks are not thorough enough to ensure that no failures will occur.

Since assets are not consistently operating, it's difficult to get useful data on active running points.

A New Approach to Robots

With standard sensors, the data points received are based on a given time-based interval and may collect a lot of data that isn't useful. Using a triggered monitoring technique can provide more useful data to properly monitor the health of these types of assets.

We propose using the IoT Hub to monitor these assets, establishing trigger points for data collection. When sensors are configured to collect data only while the asset is in use, we can establish better operational baselines and catch failures more often.

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IoT Hub


  • 1 IoT Hub per robot


  • Set thresholds and other indicators after collecting sample data

Customer Inputs

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  • Sentry quarterly site visits
  • Sentry in-person training
  • KCF Academy
  • Customer training and handbooks
  • Asset playbook

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