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The Problem

Automotive conveyors have different uses, including moving parts, processing, indexing, welding, and moving heavy parts. This is critical in the operations for Toyota’s manufacturing process.

When a conveyor is damaged or fails an operations shutdown is likely. Depending on the severity of the failure it could shut down a line and cause significant downtime.

Flow Diagrams Static

Cost of Asset Failures

  • $900,000/hour downtime cost
  • 1-2 hours downtime, on average
Asset Blind Spots

There are several inherent challenges related to monitoring conveyor systems.

Improper care and lubrication can cause premature bearing failure

Excessive tooth loads can result in higher stresses which can lead to the gearbox failing.

Repetitive high load beyond endurance limit can cause the chain to fracture.

A New Approach to Conveyance

Time-based maintenance is often used, resulting in maintenance on assets that don't need it and over greasing bearings that can cause more damage, rather than preventing.

Our solution, using V3 sensors and SMARTdiagnostics, enables continuous, real-time machine health monitoring. This solution allows for automated callouts directly through Maximo using advanced analytics and creating dashboards to increase the plant's visibility.



  • V3 Vibration Sensors
  • Base stations
  • Repeaters
  • Time-based data collection


  • Threshold Settings
  • Indicators
  • Sensor Configurations
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • CMMS Integration

Real-Time Data

  • Integrated with your real time data and machine information: ​
  • Schematics of systems/equipment ​
  • Run speed​
  • VFD information​
  • Bearing types​
  • PLC integration/process data


  • Sentry
    • Site Visits
    • In-Person Training
  • Academy
  • Customer training/handbooks

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