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Opening Keynote: Manufacturing the Future

These technology revolutions affect all businesses, but we in this community, we know something that average people don't know, and that's industry is different. We know that delivering real change in industry is difficult. Unlike consumer facing businesses or in software companies that are focused on clicks or ad revenue, you do real things with real consequences. One single pump or bearing failure could cause a catastrophic fire, shut down a plant costing millions of dollars of lost productivity or even kill someone.

Co-Founder and CEO
KCF Technologies

The Pulping Reliability Challenge

And the value of that, with KCF, has basically been upskilling our plant. It's as if we have added multiple excellent vibration technicians to our organization because they're no longer wasting time walking around with a box in their hand. They're spending more time thinking about the troublesome assets amongst the hundreds and thousands of assets that we have, and they're spending time thinking about the most important pieces.


Sr. Director of Reliability

Calfrac: What We Do and Why KCF

...We're getting a lot more catches because the guys aren't having to diagnose it. It's telling them. We're much more responsive and we're getting four times as many catches as we used to.


President U.S. Division
Calfrac Well Services

The Case for Digital Transformation

Some suppliers, when you ask them a question, they're going to send you an invoice and look for a deal before they take a phone call...And so that is not the type of partner we prefer to work with. You know, a mutual benefit says that we'll pick a partner at scale because they make sense and, you know, we'll have a good service relationship. And we have that with KCF.


Senior Director of Asset Health

Reliability Engineering at Clarios

...we started small, and we are scaling as we go and, as we are integrating more sensors and taking advantage of machine learning, it will provide us deeper insights into our processes, making process changes.


Sr. Reliability Engineer

Digital Twin: Moving Beyond Buzzwords

KCF has really offered blind spot assistance right before we merge into another car on the highway. They have a light that's going up. It's alerting us, it's there, and we continue to grow in this partnership.


IOT Manager
Precision Drilling

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